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via traffic FAQ


Where can I download viagraph and the via-app?

You can find viagraph 5 – the software for transferring and analysing measurement data – and the viaapp for Android devices on the software CD that comes with our systems. We will be happy to make the software and the app available for you to download on request.

How can I order accessories (e.g. batteries, mountings, cables etc.) as fast as possible?

Simply send us an e-mail or use the contact form in to order accessories. You can also call us on 02171/504930, where we will be happy to advise you on all questions relating to accessories and optional extras.

Is training possible in my city/municipality/company?

We will be happy to provide training, instruction, demonstrations etc. in our offices in Leverkusen or on our customers’ premises. Just call our German sales team on 02171/504938 to arrange an appointment. 

Do you have remote management software that you can use to check our system?

Yes. You will find our remote management application on the software CD that comes with our systems. This application enables our support staff to access your PC and to check the system with you.

Do you offer free demonstrations to prospective customers?

We can provide product demonstrations for prospective customers in our offices in Leverkusen or on our customers’ premises. Just call our German sales team on 02171/504938 to arrange an appointment. 

Can I rent speed displays or traffic counters from you?

We do not lease or rent out our products.

How does measurement work and is the radiation harmful?

Speed measurements are performed with a radar using the Doppler effect (change in frequency of a wave). The transmitter power output of a radar is several times lower than that of a modern smartphone. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information. Please call us or use the contact form for this purpose. 

How long does a battery charge last and what is a battery’s service life?

A rechargeable battery can power a viasis for approx. 7-10 days. Its service life depends on the volume of traffic at the location where it is used, i.e. the more frequently the LED display is activated, the sooner the battery will run low. 

Who is allowed to set up and operate viasis displays?

Our speed displays can be used on public roads by, or with the permission of, the local agency responsible (local public order office, police department etc.). Operators do not need any special permission to use our displays on private roads and company premises.

What is the range of a viasis display?

The range of the display is approx. 30–150 metres for passenger cars. The range does not just depend on the size and shape of the vehicle (two-wheeled, passenger car or lorry) but also on local conditions where the equipment is set up (upward or downward slope, curve characteristics and interfering objects).

Do displays actually have a calming effect on traffic?

Speed displays have been proved to have a calming effect on traffic, in particular when they also give driver extra feedback in addition to driving speed (carrot-and-stick principle) such as multi-coloured smilies or text messages like “THANK YOU” or “TOO FAST”. We will be happy to supply information on studies, expert reports and test measurements on their effectiveness. Please call us or use the contact form for this purpose. 

Where is the radar antenna?

The radar antenna is located behind the LED display panel.

How exact are measurements?

Measurement accuracy is  ± 2 % and ± 1 digit over the entire measurement range. This makes it more precise than required by German calibration regulations for “repressive” speed control systems (± 3% for v > 100 km/h and ± 3 km/h for v < 100 km/h). 

Can viasis displays measure in both directions?

Yes. Before performing measurements using a viasis MINI, COMPACT 3000, PLUS or PLUS SMILE, the user can specify via software or the viaapp whether the radar should measure just in one direction or bidirectionally, i.e. in both directions. It is then possible to process the collected data separately during subsequent data analysis.

How is the display mounted and aligned?

Our viasis equipment can be attached to posts with a diameter of 40–160 mm using our one-man mounting set and secured with a lock against theft. The display is then simply aligned parallel to the road in the direction of oncoming vehicles. A viasis unit should be mounted perpendicular to the road surface at a height of 2 – 4 metres to the underside of the casing.

What alternative power supply options are there (solar, 230V)?

Our viasis displays can also be fitted with a 230 V connection or solar power supply as an alternative to the mobile battery power supply. If you have any questions about this, please call us or use the contact form for this purpose. 

What is the range of the Bluetooth connection?

The open field range of the Bluetooth connection is up to 100 metres.

Does the USB memory stick have to be connected with the viasis display at all times?

No. The USB memory stick is only connected to the data transfer port in order to read out stored measurement data or to program the display. The port is located in the lockable, watertight battery box on the rear of the viasis display. The stored data are transferred to the USB memory stick within a few seconds, and the panel’s internal memory is empty once more.

Can diagrams be exported as Excel worksheets.

Yes. All diagrams and tables can be exported in Excel format. Please call us or use the contact form if you would like to view a sample analysis of measurement data.

What operating systems are supported?

All common Windows operating systems are supported (XP, WIN 7, 8 and 10).

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