viasign – LED full-matrix display of text and patterns

LED display panel made in Germany

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LED editor
LED colour change
Timer summer-/winter season
data storage (optional)

We focused on mobility and versatility when developing the viasign LED full-matrix display. LED patterns, text, warnings and traffic signs can be represented as individual images or as sequences.

LED warning signs for mobile use

Directing traffic, providing information and securing danger spots in public areas and on company premises are only a few examples of the various possible uses of the viasign. Pre-programmed patterns, battery operation and the possibility of mounting on a portable stand make viasign ideal for temporary mobile use.

Fields of application in public or private areas:

  • Construction sites
  • Signs for verge or road marking work
  • Deer crossing areas
  • Car parks
  • Major events (festivals, concerts, sporting events etc.)

viasign as a warning system for wild animals

LED animal warning system on main roads through forests

Collisions with wild animals are still one of the most frequent causes of accident on main and rural roads. Drivers tend to ignore traffic signs warning of deer crossings, or fail to see the warning signs, especially in the deer season. The number of accidents with wild animals is particularly high along roads through forests at dawn and dusk. Collisions with deer and wild boar cause considerable damage and personal injury every year. An LED full-matrix display can be used to make drivers aware of crossing deer so that they can reduce their speed and adjust to the potential danger. LED deer crossing devices with text are particularly effective compared with the conventional “Deer Crossing” road signs, especially when the days are short and dark.

viasign refers to a freely programmable LED display that can show German road traffic regulation signs (StVO) or customised hazard symbols and warnings in the form of text or images. The viasign devices have a powerful LED display that can make drivers aware of danger spots in road traffic. They act as danger alarms and traffic guides in built-up areas and on company premises. The core element of the viasign devices is the modern LED unit coupled with optional radar and sensor technology.

  • Dial for the rapid selection from 15 programs on site  
  • Programming depending on time of day
  • Time-controlled display of symbols (time of day, days: Mon-Sun)
  • Event-related display of symbols (external connection: radar, temperature sensor)
  • Powerful LED display with automatic brightness control 
  • LED dot mask against phantom light reflections for outstanding visibility even in bright sunshine


  • An integrated radar detector allows: 
  • Speed-activated pattern display 
  • Display of current speed (YOU ARE TRAVELLING AT … km/h) including data storage and analysis software 
  • Up to 4 switch inputs to connect external sensor units (e.g. to measure vehicle height, wind strength etc.) 
  • Temperature sensor
  • Easily visible thanks to powerful LED technology 
  • Display of various patterns, e.g. German road regulation danger signs
  • Display of various text massages
  • For mobile use
  • Long rechargeable battery life

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