viafalcon radar detectors

Modern radar sensor technology made in Germany

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Fields of application

Recording of vehicle movements and speed measurement

Radar sensor technology for traffic management

Radar devices are used in the following fields:

  • Traffic data capture (vehicle census, vehicle classification, individual speed, time spacing / allocation) 
  • Congestion reporting / congestion identification
  • Tunnel monitoring
  • Determining traffic density / travel time 
  • Displaying speed on a digital display
  • Intelligent warning signs


viafalcon is the name of radar detectors from via traffic controlling (compound of via and falcon). The core element of the detector consists of microprocessor-controlled radar technology that can also be coupled with viasis speed displays in order to visualise driving speeds. 

  • Contactless measurement
  • Extensive range
  • Weather-independent detection
  • Low power consumption


What is the range of viafalcon radar sensors?

Which is the right radar sensor for my intended use?

Which radar sensor is especially energy-efficient?

Which radar sensor also provides data output?

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