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The via traffic controlling team

Our team has been working together successfully for many years. The team consists of sales and marketing, technical support as well as development and production of state-of-the-art radar and traffic technology. Take a moment to learn about us and our work!




Wilm-Hendric Cronenberg

Heads the team and directs the fortunes of via traffic controlling gmbh


Gerd Brandtner

Responsible for the global sales of via traffic controlling products.
Marcus Funke

Marcus Funke

The contact for German cities, municipalities and companies at via traffic controlling.

Matthias Balke

An all-rounder in international sales and in the service department

Stefan Meyburg

Prepares quotations, order confirmations, customs documents and looks after all customer concerns in the sales process

Max Eckhardt

As an industrial management assistant trainee he is getting to know all the commercial and business aspects of operations while supporting administration and sales


Marcell Rüdesheim

Responsible for purchasing


Joachim Gessler

Organises and manages new and further development of products, software and company production processes

Christian Herdieckerhoff

Develops innovative product hardware

Joachim Malaka

Develops customer-focused hardware and software solutions

Wolfgang Blassing

Programs the product support software viagraph, developing it continuously

Production and Service

Falk Mühlenbein

Organises, manages and monitors the production processes of via traffic controlling gmbh

Ulrich Hönscheid

Specialises in the production of and maintenance of viafalcon radar detectors

Karl-Heinz Opitz

Our expert for the viacount II traffic counter in the area of production and maintenance

Klaus Rudolf

Responsible for the final assembly of the viasis speed display panels

Sven Auweiler

Operates the drilling and milling machines in mechanical production

Franko Balder

Produces and programs our viasis LED electronics

Michael Loosen

Responsible for repairing all generations of viasis speed displays

Wolfgang Lewandowsky

Organises logistics for the company

Oliver Drösser

An all-rounder in the production of our viasis speed display panels

Marco Grothe

Supports the electronic production as an all-rounder and examins the prototypes on their market readiness

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